You Must Know This Preparation Tips Before You Start Repainting Your House

When wall paint is cracked or peeling off, you need to repaint or renew the wall paint. By repainting the peeled wall of the house, the house will look new and you feel more comfortable living in it. You can also hire get more information to make the job gets done faster and better.

For the sake of making it easier for you to repaint the walls of the house, let’s see the following preparation tips!

1. Peel off the wall paint

In the first step, you need to thoroughly peel off all the old wall paint from all surfaces. This is done so that the painting process is easier, more durable and the paint does not peel off easily.

Avoid piling old paint with new ones, as this can make the new paint more durable and very prone to peeling. The process of painting a new wall takes a long time. However, for optimal results, you must do this initial step first.

After peeling off the wall completely, you can only continue to the next stage.

2. Cover the floor with newspaper or tarpaulin

After peeling off the walls, you need to sweep and clean the floor from falling paint. After that, you can cover the floor with the help of old newspapers or a tarpaulin. The point is to protect the floor from wall paint drops. So, make sure all parts of the floor of the room that you want to paint are well covered.

If there is a part of the floor that accidentally gets a drop of paint, you can immediately wipe the floor with a damp cloth. Don’t leave it on for too long, as this can leave stains that are difficult to remove.

3. Prepare Paint Cans According To The Desired Color

To start the painting process, of course, you need a liquid or paint can as needed. How many cans are needed, you can approximate the size of the room.

Before the paint can is applied to the wall, you need to mix it with only 15-20% water. Mix the paint and water well using used wood. After it is well blended, you can move on to the painting process!

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