Getting to know Postcoital Dysphoria, Feelings of Sadness After Sex

Sexual activity can trigger the release of dopamine which can improve mood, and serotonin which functions to prevent depression. So, in theory, sex should make us feel satisfied and happy. However, some people experience feelings of sadness, depression, or depression after having sex. It could be, this is a symptom of postcoital dysphoria. How to cure it? You can get to know the treatment using hemp oil for anxiety.

A total of 230 female students were involved to fill out an online survey. As a result, 46 percent of respondents reported that they had experienced PCD symptoms at least once in their life, while 5.1 percent admitted to experiencing PCD symptoms several times in the last 4 weeks. Not only women, but men also experience PCD. This is evidenced in a study entitled “Postcoital Dysphoria: Prevalence and Correlates Among Males” published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy in 2019. This study used an anonymous online questionnaire and involved 1,208 male participants. As a result, as many as 41 percent reported that they had experienced PCD and 20.2 percent claimed to have felt it in the last 4 weeks. Based on a study entitled “Postcoital Symptoms in a Convenience Sample of Men and Women” published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2020, PCD is a condition characterized by feelings of sadness, crying, and irritability that are difficult to explain. The study involved 223 women and 76 men who filled out an online survey. As a result, 91.9 percent reported PCD symptoms during the past 4 weeks. The most common symptoms in women are sadness and mood swings, while men feel unhappiness and low energy.

PCD symptoms appeared after consensual sex in 73.5 percent of individuals, 41.9 percent after general sexual activity, and 46.6 percent after masturbation. Scientists don’t know for sure what causes PCD. According to Daniel Sher, clinical psychologist and online sex therapist, there hasn’t been enough solid research done. However, PCD is thought to be related to hormones.