Procedure for Realigning the Penis

Usually, the penis will curve to the left or right when it is erect. But if the curve is too sharp to cause you pain or difficulty penetrating, it could be a crooked penis. The question is, is this situation dangerous? Also, is it possible for a bent penis to be straightened back? Find the answer on

A bent penis is a symptom of Peyronie’s disease. This condition often affects men over 40 years of age, although those under that age can experience the same thing. Until now, the cause of the disease is unknown. Chances are, penile curvature occurs as a result of injury during erection and sex. However, many cases are found without any clear cause. Peyronie’s disease can also be triggered by heredity.

Usually, the penis is slightly curved, but if the penis is bent and feels pain when erect, you may have Peyronie’s disease. This condition can cause discomfort. And often it is even caused by traumatic injuries. If you are worried that you have Peyronie’s, see your doctor get the right treatment or treatment. If it’s caused by heredity, Peyronie’s disease is usually detected early. But if it is triggered by other things, such as an injury during an erection or penetration, the condition is certainly different.

Some of the symptoms of the disease that you need to be aware of include:

The shaft of the penis is thickened and a hardened lump appears in the form of plaque
The sharp curve forms a curve, usually pointing upwards
The pain appears in the penis when it is erect
Erections that disappear suddenly and it’s hard to start over
The penis appears shorter.

In severe cases, the curvature of the penis can make sex difficult and painful. If not treated immediately, this condition can lead to a number of complications, one of which is erectile dysfunction. According to research, it is possible to straighten a crooked penis. There are two ways that can be done, namely by surgical and non-surgical methods.

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