Pregnant Women Need To Maintain Healthy Teeth

Oral and dental health for pregnant women should be taken seriously, even this can be done before marriage. This is done because considering the impact this can have on pregnancy. One of the concerns about the dental health of pregnant women is by trying to disseminate information on how to properly care for teeth before pregnancy and during pregnancy. Proper dental hygiene will help increase comfort between mother and baby. For more optimal care, you as a pregnant woman can immediately consult a cosmetic dentist fort worth. Asking questions related to oral and dental health and taking proper care for pregnant women Best Dentists Fortworth.

In basic pregnancy problems to maintain healthy teeth, you can do this by choosing nutritious food intake. And if pregnant women experience problems with the mouth and teeth, the need for food fulfillment will be disrupted. Especially if pregnant women experience porous and hollow teeth, of course, pregnant women will not be able to chew food properly, as a result, the fetus is undernourished and the baby experiences growth problems in the womb. Besides, the impact of changes in pregnancy hormones can affect oral and dental health, for example, pregnant women in the first two months often vomit and excess saliva or feel like spitting up constantly. If pregnant women are not diligent in gargling and brushing their teeth, germs and bacteria can easily grow, bad breath, or canker sores in the oral cavity.

Another impact when pregnant women do not maintain the health of their mouths and teeth can have an impact on increasing the risk of swelling of the gums and bleeding in the gums. This is because there is softening of the gum area tissue due to increased hormones. sometimes red, swollen lumps appear on the gums, and the gums bleed easily. Besides that, they are disturbed by their comfort and lack of rest due to frequent toothaches and aches.

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